Orange County American High School 

Orange County American High School (OCAHS) is a high-quality global chain of American style school .The efforts that have created Orange County American High School (OCAHS) as an international school began in 2011 providing Chinese students with top-quality American and Chinese integrated education from Grade 9 to Grade 12. 

Since that establishment, OCAHS has committed to coordinate Chinese and international education resources, adopted the development policy of multipoint layout, accumulated significant school-operating expertise., and closely cooperated with the Chinese Ministry of Education, elite Chinese universities and Chinese local schools. Currently four OCAHS campuses operate within local-partner host schools utilizing OCAHS curriculum and with OCAHS faculty and administration leading the learning. OCAHS cooperates with the host schools to utilize local buildings, facilities and other academic resources that are required for a full educational experience.  The host schools are Beijing Bayi School, Beijing XinHuanglu School, Shenzhen Shiyan Public School, Hohhot No.2 Middle School and together they are approved for 790 students


OCAHS endeavors to foster a personalized and creative culture, strives to fully stimulate students’ potential, and equip students with tools, strategies, values, and attitudes, so they can contribute to their families and societies. In order to achieve such mission, OCAHS has successfully created an international education mechanism, including comprehensive international curriculum system, a professional teaching team consisting of experts and elite teachers and a rigorous academic culture that has enabled the majority of our graduates to receive admission offers from top 50 USNews Colleges and Universities.

Elite training of students for UFEIC University Union

Accredited by The College Board

Middle School Linkage Experimental Base for Cultivation of Research Talents of Stanford University model

International Education Institution with Brand Influence in 2018 (

Tencent International Education Institution for Western and Chinese Integration in 2019

International School of Word of Mouth and Influence in 2020(Tencent Education)

Courses offered

  • mathematics

    Print Design
  • Science

    Print Design
  • Chinese

    Print Design
  • Social Sciences

    Print Design
  • Biology

    Print Design
  • Physical Education

    Print Design
  • AP Economics

  • AP Physics

  • AP Statistics

  • AP Chemistry

  •  AP Calculus

  • AP Biology

  • AP Computer

  • Second Foreign Language


60% of the students admitted to Top 50 universities, 100% of the students admitted to Univeristy of California, Averaged AP 4.2

Partner Schools in the US

  • Oxford Academy

  • Western HS

  • Savanna HS

  • Magnolia HS

  • Loara HS

  • John F. Kennedy HS

  • Cypress HS

  • Anaheim HS

  • Katella HS



OCAHS going beyond education to enlightenment

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  • Address: 1A-1801, Wangjing SOHO, Futong East Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing